Here you will find three sections of frequently asked questions, however if your query is not
answered here then please either email sales@testerhire.co.uk or call us on 01275 542 528.

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Hire procedure FAQ's

Q: I know what I want to hire so how do I proceed?
A: Simply complete the online application form
Q: What form of ID do I need to provide with the hire application?
A: For non-limited companies a valid driving licence, passport or current ID card,
from the person completing the hire application or company official

Q: Can you reserve a tester for me?
A: We can only reserve equipment for specific dates with full advance order and cleared payment

Q: What is the minimum period of hire?
A: 7 Days from and including the day of receipt including weekends and bank holidays

Q: Do you offer long term contracts?
A: Yes we can offer a reduced cost for contracts negotiated in advance of 28 days and over

Q: Can I collect from you?
A: Yes, we are open during normal office hours and can also accommodate out of hours arrangements
if required

Q: How or when do I pay?
A: Payment is taken by credit or debit card in advance or you can choose bacs, cleared cheque
or by prior application and approval 30 days credit account

Q: What if I want to extend my hire period?
A: No problem, just let us know as soon as possible so we can advise you of the additional cost.

Q: If I return the equipment early can I get a refund or reduced rate?
A: No sorry, the minimum period is 7 days whether you use them all or not.
Q: How do we get the equipment?
A: We offer a traceable next day courier service across the UK, with just a few remote exceptions,
direct to your site or office.

Q: How do we return the equipment?
A: Through the same delivering courier we can also arrange for them to collect the equipment
at the end of your hire period.


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General FAQ's

Q: Do you ever sell used test equipment?
A: Occasionally we do offer ex-rental testers for sale to our database of customers. Simply drop us an email with a request to add yourself to the list
Q: Do you sell new Fluke Network testers?
A: Straight answer is No, however we have a working relationship with several Fluke contacts through
which we may be able to assist if you're looking to purchase
Q: Do you buy second hand or demo equipment?
A: Yes, providing the tester is current, complete, fully functional and ownership can be proven

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit to hire your equipment?
A: No, providing you complete the T&C's and clear our relevant background checks then all we ask for
are the hire charges to be paid in advance by credit or debit card, bacs or cleared cheque

Q: Can you send us a copy of the calibration certificate?
A: Yes, on request we can email you a copy of the relevant equipment certificate

Q: My job has been delayed but the equipment has arrived as scheduled, what happens now?
A: We will try our best to re-hire the equipment but we cannot guarantee this or offer any refund or credit

Q: Can you download the test results for us and email them back?

A: No sorry, logistically this is extremely difficult and safer for you to be sure you have your information downloaded before the equipment is returned

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Technical product FAQ's

Q: What's the difference between a DTX1200 and DTX1800?
A: The DTX1200 test to 350mhz which includes Cat5, Cat5 and Cat6 where as the DTX1800 tests to 900mhz which will also certify Cat6a and Class F also referred to as Cat7 cabling
Q: What's the difference between Permanent Link and Channel testing?
A: Permanent Link is exactly that, the cabling you are testing from patch panel to socket is fixed and will be a permanent link where as Channel can include removable patch leads at either end

Q: How do I get the test results from the DTX to my client?

A: Included with the relevant testers or via our downloads page is a free copy of Fluke Networks LinkWare program which will enable you to turn results in Excel spreadsheets or Pdf files

Q: Do your DTX1200 and DTX1800 come with PLA002 Permanent Link cables?
A: Yes they do, we do not charge extra or make you purchase these essential items, they are included with each tester

Q: Do you include launch leads with your Fiber equipment?
A: No, launch leads are very specific to your requirement and as such must be purchased separately

Q: Is the equipment ready to use when it arrives?

A: Yes the cable analysers will be charged, referenced and self tested so you just need to enter your company name and site details and select the cable type and test limits. Fiber units are ready to connect to your own or hired equipment

Q: How many test results can I store?

A: Both the DTX1200 & DTX1800 will allow a minimum of 250 and the maximum is based on space used by the tester software but this a generally several hundred. Additional capacity can easily be obtained by using your own memory card where by 1000's can be stored

Q: I want to test and certify a Fiber cable, what do I need?

A: If you have a working Fiber in place the DTX1200 or DTX1800 with the either the DTX-MFM2 or DTX-SFM2 on board will fit your purpose however if you are looking to diagnose and troubleshoot unknown issues we recommend the DTX-OTDR

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