Fluke DSX-8000 cable analyser

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At a glance

  • Certify copper network cabling up to Category 8 / 2 GHz in 16 seconds
  • Eight second Cat 6A test time contributes to the fastest way to gain certification
  • Graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk and distance to shield faults for faster troubleshooting
  • Manage up to 12,000 Cat 6A test results with full graphics
  • Capacitive touchscreen allows quick tester setup with easily selectable cable types, standards and testing parameters
  • Compliant with ANSI/TIA-1152-A Level 2G and proposed standard IEC 61935-1 Ed. 5 Level VI field tester accuracy requirements to 2000 MHz
  • Supports the complete suite of Resistance Unbalance standards needed for Power over Ethernet (PoE) – IEEE 802.3bt, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568, ISO/IEC 11801 series documents
  • TCL and ELTCTL measurements compliant to IEC 61935-1-1 (Draft)
  • Screen continuity along path of cabling
Product Capabilities

The DSX CableAnalyzer Series enables cable testing and certification for network deployments up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet – whether it is an existing Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 8 or Class I/II cabling system, the DSX tests to all industry standards. The electrically centered test plug results in the Level 2G/VI accuracy required to support field testing to Cat 8 / Class I/II, 2000 MHz. The DSX exceeds the IEC Level VI and TIA Level 2G specifications assuring you of higher confidence in results over the full frequency range. Higher performance cabling systems like Cat 8 require more precise measurement to ensure they are providing the noise immunity required by 25G and 40G applications. Additionally, complex Alien Crosstalk link-to-link certification is simplified by integrating the measurement capability into each copper module up to 40GBASE-T testing.

Tester Hire says

The very latest product released in 2017 from Fluke Networks Versiv range to test, certify or troubleshoot your cooper network cabling to Cat 8. The DSX-8000 offers the user modern touch screen operation, unrivalled storage and management memory and built in Alien Cross talk facilities with greater speed and accuracy. Reporting of results is made easy with the free software supplied with the tester which can be easily convert into PDF’s or Excel spreadsheets to provide your customer or warranty company with detailed or summary results including that all important PASS or FAIL.


What's Included

DSX-8000 Versiv Mainframe & Remote,  DSX-8000 Cable Analyzer cooper modules, Set of CAT 6A/Class EA Permanent Link Adaptors, Set of CAT 6A/Class EA Channel Adaptors, Headsets, Hand Strap, Shoulder Straps, Carry Case, USB Interface Cable, AxTalk Software CD, User Manual CD, AC Chargers, Universal Couplers and AxTalk Terminators. Please request PLA and CHA specifclly for Cat8 testing.

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